James C. Bassett
In the studio

I was born on the U.S. Naval Submarine Base at Groton, CT and currently live in Galway, Ireland at my 42nd address from 19 cities in 11 states and 3 countries. This constant dislocation has exposed me to a wide range of artistic styles and cultural concepts (particularly Asian) and at the same time fostered a sense of outsiderness that often informs my art and writing.

With my sculpture I seek to create an emotional state (not simply a momentary response, but a true lasting state) in the viewer. I do not necessarily aim to create any specific emotion, merely some response, some communication with the viewer. Art happens at the boundary of chaos, and therefore will always manifest some sort of inner tension, and my interest lies in exploring this state.

I object to the equating of "abstract" with "non-representational"; my art is abstract, non-figurative, non-objective -- but it is still very much representational. What it represents happens to be inner states rather than external, physical objects -- but that does not make the representation any less valid.

Beyond this, there are no hidden meanings in my work, no hidden agendas. If you want to read any meaning or intent into my work, go right ahead. Your ideas are just as valid as mine. Art is a dialogue.

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